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Kim Swims Film

A documentary about my attempt to become the first woman to swim 30 miles through a stretch of cold, rough and shark-inhabited waters off of the San Francisco coast.

After years of struggle and sacrifice, Kim has inspired others to reconsider what is truly possible from within oneself – in everyday life and in the open water.

Personable, humble and profoundly eloquent, she is a role model in her rehabilitation and monumental swimming achievements.

For her goal-setting mentality, for her laughter and motivational spirit, for her genuine willingness to share everything she has experienced along the way...
— - Steve Munatones, when asked about Kim and her nomination for Female Open Water Swimmer of the Year

About The Film


Many consider this to be the hardest marathon swim in the world, and rightfully so. To prepare for this swim I had to be willing to face frigid temperatures, swirling currents and the world’s largest population of Great White sharks.

From the physically and emotionally challenging leading up to the swim, the swim itself, and the candid interviews along the way, I invite you to get a behind-the-scenes look at what it means to conquer fear, pursue passion and to truly believe in your own potential.

I'm proud and humbled to be able to say my mission was successful and I am now one of only 5 people to have ever completed the swim (and the first woman).

I hope my journey inspires you to push your own limits to find out what you're capable of achieving.