Tsugaru Strait

41.6324° N, 140.6910° E

One of the swims in the Oceans Seven. 

The Tsugaru Strait is a channel between Honshu, the main island of Japan, and Hokkaido in northern Japan connecting the Sea of Japan with the Pacific Ocean. Tsugaru Strait is one of the swims in the Oceans Seven. 

It was named after the western part of Aomori Prefecture. The Seikan Tunnel passes under it as its narrowest point ( 19.5km ) between Tappi Misaki on the Tsugaru Peninsula in Aomori, Honshu and the Shiramkami Misaki on the Matsumae Peninsula in Hokkaido.  

Kimberley completed this swim in 9 hours 38 minutes on July 3rd, 2014. She is the 1st New Zealander to swim Tsugaru Strait and the 16th person ever.  

Kimberley shares her thoughts on her journey across Tsugaru Strait here.