Saint Francis Memorial Hospital

  • Saint Francis Memorial Hospital 900 Hyde Street San Francisco, CA, 94109 United States

On November 8th 2016, Kim will return to the hospital where she was treated for her life-threatening leg injury.

Diagnosed with Acute Compartment Syndrome after a freak fall in 2007 on her way to work, Kim was a mere 30 minutes from the amputation of her right leg from the knee down. Given a 1% chance of walking unassisted again, Kim not only learned to walk unassisted but she unwittingly began a journey of healing that brought her to the ocean, reinventing herself as a swimmer. 

At the invitation of the esteemed surgeon who saved her leg, Kim (now a medical case study) will speak at the hospital's Grand Rounds event, bringing together doctors and staff for an hour long talk featuring fellow medical experts and past patients.