Dr. Burt Beyer

"What a pleasure it was to have Kim Chambers come to University of California, Berkeley to speak with 60 MBA students.  Our Entrepreneurship program at Haas Business school creates 10-12 startups each semester.  We can teach the students the practical aspects of building a company, from sales and marketing to business plan modeling, but we cannot teach the two most important traits of the entrepreneur:  perseverance and courage.  Though our students are some of the best and brightest, I wanted to hammer home how their notion of perseverance and bravery need to be taken to the next level.  Kim's amazing story from her life threatening injury to her many heroic athletic and swimming accomplishments have set a new bar for this generation of Berkeley MBAs and Entrepreneurs."

Dr. Kurt Beyer Lecturer, Haas School of Business, Berkeley December 2012


Kim Kirby

London, UK