Anna - Hamlin School

"Last month, Kimberley Chambers visited Hamlin to share her inspirational message of overcoming adversity and taking on great challenges. The Hamlin School is a non-sectarian girls K-8 school in San Francisco, and Kim’s message resonated with our mission to inspire girls to become “courageous leaders.” During a 45-minute assembly for the middle school, Kim captured the rapt attention of the student body and faculty. Through images, stories, and videos, Kim shared her journey of becoming a record-holding, marathon open-water swimmer. The room collectively held their breath as Kim brought us into the moment when she was minutes away from the amputation of her right leg... As Kim spoke about her recovery regimen, daily physical therapy in the form of swimming, she imparted messages of resilience and tenacity... Her storytelling was so effective that everyone could imagine the sting of the jellyfish and the chafing of the neck that Kim described. We could sense the joy of swimming among dolphins and the fear of being in shark-infested waters. Below are a few notable quotations from students and faculty about their experience:

“The way that she spoke really captured your attention and made you really interested in the story. You could imagine what was going on in the moment and could picture it for yourself.” - Anna

“The topics she chose to talk about were really inspirational and motivational, for me especially as a swimmer. She shared a message of perseverance.” – Jane

“She was really humble about her accomplishments.” – Claire

“It was really fascinating. She is a regular person with a regular job, but the fact that she has this passion that she pursued is incredible. She gave the message that anybody can do something amazing. She made it sound so easy to achieve something like that.” -- Eve

“She engages the audience with her storytelling, while clearly sticking to her themes of empowerment and chasing your dreams.” – Sheena Tart-Zelvin, Middle School Math Teacher

We were honored to have Kim Chambers connect with our community, as she is a role model for our girls to imagine the unimaginable and to remain optimistic and strong in the face of adversity."

Rose Helm, Middle School Division Head
The Hamlin School
October 2015


"Kim is an inspiration to everyone she meets. Her commitment to personal growth and challenge and the lessons she's taken away from these experiences are relevant to anyone in pursuit of a life goal. I can't wait to continue to follow and be motivated by her journey."

Vanessa Slavich
August 2015


"I feel fortunate to have heard Kim speak and experience first hand her ability to awe and inspire young people to achieve great things. She kept the students at my daughter's school captivated for over an hour with her incredible story. Not only were they glued to her every word, the students stood up several times to give her standing ovations and when it was time for questions many arms shot up. In times when perseverance and courage is required, I'm sure these young people will find strength remembering Kim's story."

Laurie Pasmooij
April 2015


"The Parlor at The Battery hosted a member event with Kim Chambers speaking about her journey to complete the Oceans Seven long distance open water swims... the talk was so riveting, you could hear a pin drop. Many members stopped me specifically to thank us for arranging Kim's talk. It was truly an inspirational event."

Joe Holcomb
The Battery
January 2015


"On behalf of the Rotary Club Novato Sunrise and of our guests I want to take this opportunity to thank you for joining us as our guest speaker... Your story, coupled with your grace, gratitude, courage, and leadership got everyone totally enwrapped and inspired.
Afterwards I have received a deluge of requests for your contact information by folks that want to have you speak to their organizations."

Rodrigo Silveira
Rotary Club Novato Sunrise
December 2014


"Kim brought to life her incredible swims, engaged our group of girls, and managed to weave a strong leadership theme throughout the entire discussion.  Her talk was definitely something to be remembered."

Brandon Smith
YMCA Adventure Guides & Princesses Program
March 2014


"Kim has a knack for inspiring others in such an authentic, humble way. She took time on a weekday to speak to a class of middle school girls at an undeserved school in Oakland. When I asked these girls, who wanted to be a leader, none of them raised their hands. But as Kim told her story of passion, perseverance, bravery and overcoming barriers, the students were transfixed. She tells her incredible story in such an approachable way that it incites their curiosity, and their adventurous spirit. Students who normally can't sit still in class, or who were too shy to talk, were engaged, raising their hands, and asking thoughtful questions. Thank you, Kim. You have changed lives."  

Jane Wong
Citizen Schools volunteer teacher
March 2013


"What a pleasure it was to have Kim Chambers come to University of California, Berkeley to speak with 60 MBA students.  Our Entrepreneurship program at Haas Business school creates 10-12 startups each semester.  We can teach the students the practical aspects of building a company, from sales and marketing to business plan modeling, but we cannot teach the two most important traits of the entrepreneur:  perseverance and courage.  Though our students are some of the best and brightest, I wanted to hammer home how their notion of perseverance and bravery need to be taken to the next level.  Kim's amazing story from her life threatening injury to her many heroic athletic and swimming accomplishments have set a new bar for this generation of Berkeley MBAs and Entrepreneurs." 

Dr. Kurt Beyer
Lecturer, Haas School of Business, Berkeley
December 2012


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London, UK