Photo credit: Robert Petersen

Photo credit: Robert Petersen

It has been a week since my swim, and I have taken this time to reflect upon the challenge I set out to achieve, while reminding myself of the reasons why I undertook this in the first place.

Despite being so well prepared – both physically and mentally - it wasn’t to be. As weather conditions deteriorated, and showed no signs of abating, after 24 hours and 17 minutes my swim was over. It was clear Mother Nature had a different plan for me, and I am completely at peace with that.  Indeed, this swim was never about me to begin with. It was about bringing attention to a worthy cause very dear to my heart, Warrior Canine Connection, and the daily struggles that veterans face upon reintegration back into society while suffering from the invisible wounds of war. 

A year ago I would have deemed my non-completion of the swim as failure, but my experiences have brought me to a different place where I am able to recognize that it depends how you frame success in your mind. If my journey and my challenge has enabled just one person to reach out and ask for help, then I have succeeded. 

Thank you one and all, most especially my incredible crew for supporting me along this journey.