There is a lightness - a delightful freedom – in choosing to live as authentically as possible. Following my last swim and hospitalization, many changes are beginning to reveal themselves. Each swim has been highly transformative for me. That is why I do them. Yet emerging from my last experience and being reminded often that I am lucky to be here is so life-affirming, so utterly transformative that I know this is only the beginning of what lies ahead.  Not the least of which is a disassembling of my being. The layers are peeling away, specifically those that made up a semblance of self, the barriers we all build in order to fit in and protect ourselves from hurt or embarrassment. As these catch the wind and drift gently away, a precious acceptance of my vulnerability shines brightly. This is me. Nothing more, nothing less. 

I am aware more than ever before that my time is limited. That each moment is fleeting. I will not waste my days and energy on experiences that do not fill me with joy. Instead I will seek experiences that make me feel alive. No excuses, no back footing. I will simply say yes. Yes to adventure.