Off the deep end.

Dropping myself in the deep end, often where I have no place being, is how I like to challenge myself.  Comparing/contrasting with others is not the goal. Rather, the completion of the event, and the affirmation that what seems impossible is actually possible is what I am after for myself. 

Perhaps my biggest asset here is inexperience/ignorance because when you haven't tried something, you don’t know how tough it will be. Think of all the things you wouldn’t do if you knew how difficult they were.

But when you try something in life that you don’t know how it will turn out there are all kinds of benefits.  It is precisely when you’re outside your comfort zone that you learn the most about yourself and when you truly grow as an individual.

This has been my personal experience overcoming a leg injury from which I was not supposed to fully recover (let alone run an ultra marathon), swim long distances in the ocean, and, most recently, speak in front of business school students.