Common Denominator.


Today, as I train for and plan new swim challenges, I can’t help but be reminded of one very important fact: none of these swims are ever truly solo events. As I swim across the wild, open, and untamed deep blue stage, behind the scenes are the boat pilots, crew and kayakers who quietly shepherd me across.

And, under this vast unknown stage lies my base. Solid, predictable and unwavering. This is my support network of old friends, new friends, coaches, mentors and family.

Without these people, none of this would be possible. And I am immensely grateful. Yet I don’t think I can ever adequately express my deep appreciation and gratitude to those who give me their time and expertise. These are my dream makers.

And, as if that’s not enough, rounding out this equation of goodness there lays a single common denominator: Joe.

Stalwart when I need it most. Rational when I’m not (which can be often). Steadfast, and reliable, dishing out just the right balance of tough love and compassion, at exactly the right moment.