The re-entry.

I need to process this swim step by step but what I want to share now is the re-entry.

The lingering sway of the ocean even after spending the last 18 hours on dry land is almost imperceptible relative to the sensory overload I am experiencing after 6 days at sea.

The colors, the sounds, the people and space are such a contrast to the confined gray of the marine layer which was broken only by hours of sensory deprivation in the cold dark waters.

Driving home from the boat last night I could not help but notice how controlled the environment is compared to the Ocean. Yellow cautions signs and lane marking and stop signs stood in stark contrast to the dark gray of the ocean where anything could come at us from any direction at any time without warning.  We created our own path covering 181 miles through the unknown which became our routine.

Joe and I ventured out for breakfast this morning and I felt a deep disconnect from an environment that ordinarily would be so mundanely routine it would be beyond notice.

Oddly, I feel somewhat lost and find myself craving the safety of our boat sanctuary and teammates and the attachment I found in security they provided me in the enigmatic ocean.  I feel like a time traveler beamed into some unknowable time period that no longer resonates with me anymore.

As my head floats, I struggle to be present and ponder the causes of my disorientation: jellyfish toxin, massive sleep deprivation, over exertion, emotional exhaustion, sensory overload? I feel like I am drifting, lost without my routine and when I close my eyes and stand still I can feel the 20 foot rollers pushing me along.