Raising my bar.

Thrilled with the successful completion of my Cook Strait swim, and relieved that I could once again move my arms, I was restless. While I had achieved a goal that I never thought in my wildest dreams was possible, especially given my circumstances, I needed something more.

I didn’t swim in high school. And I didn’t swim in college. Unlike most of my swimming peers, I began swimming just a few years ago to rehabilitate an injury that is, for most people, completely debilitating. Less than five years ago, after a freak fall, I was diagnosed with Acute Compartment Syndrome and a mere 30 minutes from the amputation of my right leg. And, while my leg was saved, I was never supposed to walk unassisted ever again.

The journey of rehabilitating my leg pushed my SELF far beyond anyone’s expectation, including my team of expert medical professionals. But I was determined not to settle. For me that simply was not an option. I knew I wasn’t going to settle for anything other than the best I could achieve for my SELF.

My Cook Strait swim was another way to push my limits and challenge what I thought was possible for my SELF. With that swim I raised my personal bar a few more inches. But I know I can push my bar even further. On March 12th 2012, 7 days after my Cook Strait swim, I set my next big challenge. In August I will swim the 22 mile length of Lake Tahoe. 

“It’s all about hard work and commitment. If you have those no one can stop you.” Diana Nyad


P.S.// I can walk unassisted. I can even run. 3 years after my fall I ran my first ultramarathon, the infamous Quad Dipsea.


Kim Kirby

London, UK