The secret door

For 34 years, I’ve wandered through the rooms that house my Self.  And over the years, each room has become intimately familiar to me. The layout of these rooms has remained exactly the same, except the furnishings have altered, as I’ve matured and grown older.  

But I always suspected there was another room hidden in this house that remained to be discovered. Deep down I knew there had to be more.  On March 5th, 2012, as I finished my swim across the Cook Strait, I leaned against the bookcase in the Living Room, and, to my delight, the wall moved.  I found the secret door.

And, three weeks ago, as I wandered through this secret door and into a new and unfamiliar room of my Self, I felt just a little bit older. Catching a glimpse of my profile in the mirror on the wall I couldn’t help but notice that my soul is etched with a few more wrinkles.

Today as I begin to explore this new room, I know there’s nothing I can’t do. I just have to make up my mind and do it.


In the words of Lewis Pugh: “There’s nothing more powerful than a made up mind.”