Fishing lure.

Reaching my arms out desperately - yet unsuccessfully - over and over again for my feeding bottle attached to the boat, I felt my swim quickly spiraling out of control. With high winds and massive swells, maneuverability of the boat was increasingly elusive.   

It was too dangerous for me be any closer than 50 yards from the boat, making it impossible to grab my feeding bottle. The long rope wasn’t long enough, and, as I treaded water, I watched with horror as the boat and kayak disappeared into the deep troughs between the waves. The tiny glow sticks and lights that had illuminated both the boat and kayak were gone. Those seconds seemed like minutes. All of a sudden they would launch victoriously atop a wave crest only to be drawn back into deep troughs.

Completely on my own in the water, watching the spectacle while doing my best eggbeater kick, my mind drifted. I wondered about my legs dangling below me into the deep abyss. Curious, I put my face in the water and gazed inquisitively at my legs and feet. They seemed to gleam bizarrely from the illumination of the bioluminescent water and the millions of stars in the sky above. Against the pitch-black water, a white, ethereal glow emanated from them. Big meaty fishing lures I thought. Maybe I shouldn’t dangle them. I need to keep swimming...