Girl meets seal. Girl falls in love with seal. The beginning.

I've watched this video at least 10 times. AT LEAST. And every single time I watch it, I smile - I smile a lot - and tears roll down my cheeks. Watching the interaction between the elephant seal and girl has touched my heart in a way that most people probably think I'm crazy.

In the short time that I've been swimming, I feel so incredibly lucky to have had some amazing encounters with seals, sea lions, and porpoises in the open water. I've been bumped by seals numerous times. I've had porpoises and seals swim underneath me. I've looked into the eyes of a seal COUNTLESS times… I've been so close in fact that I can see their beautiful big brown eyes and long eyelashes blink. "Hey buddy" I say. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And every single time, my Swim Buddy says "Kim, its not a puppy. Its not a puppy." 

Honestly, I can't help but pinch myself. Pinch myself and remind myself how much richer my life is because of these experiences.

And this is just the beginning.

BTW, my "Kleenex Moment" begins around the 3:30 mark...