"Wherever the mind goes, the body follows..."

A week ago Monday I was home on the farm with my family in New Zealand. God, it was an amazing trip. AMAZING. 

My brothers and I were together at Christmas for the first time in 10 years. They're MY BOYS and I'm so proud of them. I love being the only girl, squished in-between two awesome, yet sometimes annoying, brothers. 

My beautiful and amazingly caring Mum. My hilarious Dad. My delightful sister-in-law and her awesome Mum.


Together with a "mongrel" Corgi, two crazy cats, oh, and a few thousand sheep, cattle and deer, it was PURE BLISS. My soul and my heart were completely recharged. I will never forget the laughter, the joy and the love. I'm so grateful for my family. I'm so grateful for their love and support. 

But... returning to my other home, here in San Francisco, some emotions began to stir. Honestly, I was a little homesick. I thought about all sorts of things. I started to reminisce. I even thought about my "Not-quite-half English Channel" attempt. I thought about what went wrong. I started to worry. BIG TIME.

I thought about EVERYTHING it seemed, except my next swim. I needed a pep talk.

As I had hoped, a meeting and dinner with my mentor and "deputy mentor" last Tuesday night did just the trick. 

And it started with these words: "wherever the mind goes, the body follows."

And just like that, I switched gears. I'm re-focused and on schedule....